IGST X Draft Agenda

14-16 November, Met Office, Exeter, UK


[Patrons meeting will be held before start, possibly as a breakfast meeting.]

1)       Opening - including report from Patrons meeting

2)       Adoption of Agenda

3)       Report from the Chair

       Actions from IGST IX

       Major issues

Stock-take of progress

4)       National Reports

       Include progress towards items detailed in Section 7 of Strategic Plan (Evaluation of GODAE - How to measure progress) and Plans / future commitments (including tables of planned configurations)

5)       Conclusions from Symposium (Nov 2004) (Smith & Dexter)

       Coastal GODAE follow-up


6)       GODAE Implementation Plan (Smith & Dexter)

Discussion of initiatives contributing to GODAE objectives 

7)       Projects



       Intercomparisons (N Atlantic, NW Pacific, equatorial ?)

       Quality control (Cummings)

       Re-analyses, including report from GSOP (Tony Lee)

       Ocean currents database (Action from GSOP; Smith)

       GODAE / coastal (Thompson)

       GODAE / bio-geochemistry


a)       demonstrations of value

b)       information servers

8)       GODAE communication strategy (Smith)

Future of GODAE and Operational Oceanography

9)       Report from JCOMM (Dexter)

       Explanation of role of JCOMM and report from JCOMM II

10)   Future of IGST and GODAE Project Office

       a) From now to the end of GODAE

       b) After GODAE

11)   Close